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Nov 18, 2010


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Techonomy3 – Calling for Startups and Sponsors

We are now in the planning stages for this coming year’s Techonomy3 event. (The event name will now be followed by the number of annual events that we have run.) As in the past, Techonomy3 is a great platform for Israeli web, internet, mobile, etc. companies to launch their product in the home court but get worldwide publicity. Techonomy3 will broaden the panel with more international personalities and attempt to keep up the level of content that you’ve come to expect from the past events.

If you think that your startup should be presenting at Techonomy3 then send your details to (Please don’t wait for last minute).

Interested in sponsoring the event then please contact

You can expect Techonomy3 take place at the end of April 2011. Information on the site, final date, etc. Is soon to follow.

Stay tuned!

*Thank you Ziv Meltzer for helping in the logo creation.

  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder