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Need graphic design for your digital products? We are here to help!

Scoutness offers custom illustrations for your business needs. Whether your needs are small or medium, our designers have all the skills to create visually appealing illustrations infographics that will help you enhance your brand with a story. We believe that great design means including the overall visual appeal of your graphics, making them unique but also in line with your brand. If you need interesting details about the design, we can work on that too.

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High-quality custom flat illustration design service

Flat illustrations have long become the trend in graphic design services, and they are here to stay. This shows how versatile it can be, ultimately allowing even more creative minds to use them in their projects. They are also popular because they can integrate perfectly with other designs, allowing their use to be more versatile.

What is a flat illustration style?

The main reason this is so popular with web designers, along with its versatile nature, is because of the simple design concept. Flat illustrations are all about simplicity. They are usually made so that they only feature the necessary elements, without all of the distracting details. This won't mean that they can't be more complex than that, however. Of course, it all comes down to the design style and what the designer is trying to accomplish. The main idea, however, is that flat illustrations are generally more simplistic than other types of designs. It is created to be able to integrate more seamlessly with other design elements, allowing the illustration to have a greater effect on the overall outcome.

Insightful and dynamic thinking

It's amazing how you find insightful and new ideas by simply looking at illustrations around the world. This is why businesses are starting to invest more in the design of illustrations. Not only is it a great way to enhance your creativity, but also an opportunity for you to implement your ideas in a new and modern way. It shows a different perspective towards graphic design.

When you are shopping or looking at advertisements, you will often find an illustration artwork or two that tells a good story about life or a vision of the future of the world. Even though these are no more than simple illustrations that have been used to accompany or give life to a specific brand, they have the power and relevance to appeal to the viewer. All you have to do is look at the artwork and get a real sense of what that product or service means in life. In short, illustrations sell.

They are even used to log user data. Sometimes, user data is difficult to read in the form of numbers. For example, when using charts it can be hard to see where you are with your progress if everything is represented in numbers. This is why illustrations are used to make the chart more understandable at a glance.

This may sound simple but they are very effective in conveying ideas and undiscovered voices.

Order a custom creative illustration now!

If you need help with your graphic design needs for your next project, Scoutness has a team of skilled designers to help you. Whether you need an illustration for the web, blog site, publications, interfaces, a subscription, or for an open platform, we help you create a unique illustration that meets your needs.
Send us a message so we can start creating an illustration that works better than your competition.

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Basic: 1 Simple Illustration, Standard: 1 Simple Illustration with Good Background, Premium: 1 Upgraded Illustration

Pricing and Packages

Basic Package – $45

  • 1 Simple Illustration with Plain or Simple Background (1 Subject)
  • 1920x1080px JPEG file

Standard Package – $60

  • 1 Simple Illustration with Good Background (2 Subjects Max)
  • 1920x1080px JPEG file
  • 1 PSD layered file, 1 AI conversion

Premium Package – $95

  • 1 Upgraded Illustration With More Detailed Background (1 Subject)
  • 1920x1080px JPEG file
  • 1 PSD layered file, 1 AI conversion

Custom package

If you are in search of a specific graphic design, or you want to make a customized order that does not fall into any of the other packages, please contact us so we can create a custom package for you.

An additional digital illustration you can add for only $15:

1 2d illustration (bust shot)

Why Choose Scoutness?

Knowledge in hot design and illustration trends

Our illustrations showcase design trends that are trending in businesses. Our assigned designer will make sure to research what's hot in the market right now so we can provide you with better options for your graphic design needs. We will make sure to create custom illustrations or web images that suit your brand, but also with design styles that are trending right now.

Expert graphic designers

The Scoutness team consists of designers and illustrators who have years of experience working in different industries. So whether you need an illustration to use for advertising, artworks, a medium app, or other business needs, you can count on every designer to create one that's suitable for your brand.

Competitive pricing

Understanding the needs of our customers, we offer a competitive price for quality illustrations.

Fast delivery

We make sure your illustrations are delivered as soon as possible so you can get the most out of them.

To keep the flat illustration or graphic design professional and respectful, every designer will avoid designing graphics based on these categories:

  • Religious / Atheist
  • Not Safe For Work / Nudity
  • Gore / Violence
  • Furry
  • Mecha

Please send us a message if you are unsure about your request.

How to order our service?

How to order our custom illustration service?

  1. On the Order Form, choose from any of the custom illustration packages.
  2. Please send a DETAILED description of your request during the order process. Indicate if you have a specific personal requirement for the shape, the layout, the story, the textures, the composition, or some other factors.
  3. You can also attach an example of a collection of artwork references, images, illustration inspirations, etc. All these will be collected by our designer to develop your customized illustration
  4. If you have themes/colors in mind, or anything else you deem important to include, indicate all of them.

Contact our team first before placing an order for flat illustrations to avoid any cancellation. This way, we can create illustrations that reflect your specific requests.

Please browse and read our FAQ for more information.


Under our Terms of Services to avoid miscommunications, this is a friendly disclaimer that any ADDITIONAL tasks and requests that are not stated clearly in this order will require an extra charge.

How to order and what is included in my illustration package?

Your deliverables vary and it depends on the illustration package you choose. Kindly contact us first before placing an order. This is to avoid confusion with the assigned designer and prevent delays and errors in the service provided.

What is the delivery format of the illustration?

The designer creates the illustrations in PSD but they will be delivered in an AI file.

Do you do rush orders?

We do not offer rush services for our illustrations. We want the assigned designer on every project to be as creative as possible and submit designs according to the client's request without compromising the quality. You can rest easy that your illustration is created carefully.

What will be the output resolution of the final illustration?

Every illustration you order will be 1920x1080px. Please check Pricing and Packages to see the different illustration packages and for more information.

Where can I use my illustrations?

You may use your illustrations in any type of custom work that is not against the law.

Can I provide tips on the design of my illustration?

We welcome your comment or review on an illustration throughout the process before they are officially delivered. This way, our designers are more aware of what you want and have an easier time making your order.

What do you offer as a revision?

All packages include one minor revision. Please be specific on your requests and special requirements so we can avoid any possible misunderstanding. This will save both the time and effort of you and the assigned designer.

Can you add something to my request after our initial agreement?

No. Additional new tasks will require additional payment.