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Do you run a business Instagram account that features products regularly? Have you run out of ideas for sassy Instagram captions to keep your audience and other Instagram users engaged? Do you need help in writing seasonal Instagram captions for your Instagram posts like winter Instagram captions?

You have come to the right place! Scoutness can create unique and trendy Instagram captions for any style of photo that you have! Whether it is about travel, pets, products, or anything else, we can write all the captions that you need.

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Instagram is all the rage right now, and it is probably one of the most popular social media platforms and powerful tool used worldwide. It's time to take your Instagram game to the next level by hiring us to write captions for your Instagram post or videos!

While you may think it's enough to have great photos and videos, you need to give potential fans and followers an extra boost. A beautiful photo doesn't bring in nearly enough engagement as having Instagram captions that are interesting, humorous, or thought-provoking. You may have already had all the good stuff for your business, but if you're not paying attention to your caption copy, then you're missing out on some great opportunities to get more traffic and build relationships with your audience.

If you are ready to make your Instagram account even better by getting custom-written captions, then look no further. Scoutness specializes in writing good Instagram captions that encourage engagement and call to actions in just a few words.

Every day millions of people use social media to share pictures and videos of the events in their lives; it's time you started using these outlets as a valuable marketing tool. By creating a good Instagram caption, you'll be getting the most out of your social media marketing efforts and bringing even more business to your company.

Why does it matter to write good Instagram captions?

Words have power. When you use the right words and phrases for an Instagram caption, you create a certain image and feeling for your company and your brand. The words you use can motivate people to take action or cause them to ignore your company. You probably already know that writing catchy phrases with the right words is the best way to get your message across on Instagram, but did you know that a perfect Instagram caption is important too?

It doesn't matter what type of content you're creating; when it comes to social media, you need great content that grabs attention and says something interesting or funny. Instagram captions are just as important as any other type of copy because they can make or break your marketing efforts.

An effective Instagram caption is like micro-blogging. They are written with casual language and simple sentence structure so that can easily be read on a small device or shared among other social media outlets. By keeping your Instagram caption short, you allow people to share them quickly without taking up too much of their time. A longer caption can alienate your audience.

People don't always take the time to read long blog posts and other forms of content; they may stop and look at the photos or videos but resist reading large chunks of text.

Because Instagram captions are so short and sweet, you need to make every word count. The purpose of a caption is to draw attention and maybe give a little information about your photo or video.

You need captions that convey your company's personality and values so that you can connect with potential customers and fans.

There are many other benefits of writing good Instagram captions too. With better Instagram captions, you:

  • get more engagement, Instagram followers, likes, and comments
  • improve the engagement rate for your photos and videos on Instagram
  • gain valuable insight into what your audience is looking for in their favorite brands
  • helps you better understand what content is most engaging with your target audience.
  • outsmart Instagram algorithm
  • increase your chances to be seen by the right audience.
  • helps improve your marketing efforts on Instagram.
  • brings you better brand voice exposure for any brand or business.
  • set yourself apart from the competition with a captivating copy.
  • get real Instagram followers and likes for your posts instead of using bot services which can harm you in the long run.

You may think that writing great Instagram captions is child's play, but even well-known brands often write bland captions for their social media content. Well-written Instagram captions are important to any kind of social media marketing because they make your content more shareable and interesting, leading to increased engagement with the right audience.

What are the components of an effective Instagram caption?

The best Instagram captions are different from other forms of copy because they have fewer characters, no paragraph breaks, and a character limit.

When you're trying to fit a lot of information into a short space, you need to keep it simple and write an Instagram caption that is easy to read.

This means that every word counts, and you should spend time picking out the right words. Effective Instagram captions typically include:

  • Call to actions or asking a question
  • Relevant content about the photo or video
  • Keyword-rich phrases, branded hashtags, and links to other content.
  • Showcases the brand voice
  • Catches attention at the very beginning or in the first few words
  • Encourage users to take a specific action
  • Encourages user-generated content and engagement

Additional information


Basic: 2 captions for 2 photos, Standard: 10 captions for 10 photos, Premium: 20 captions for 20 photos

Pricing and Packages

custom written Instagram caption

Basic Package – $10

  • This package includes 2 Instagram captions for 2 photos.

Standard Package – $20

  • This package includes 10 Instagram captions for 10 photos.

Premium Package – $40

  • This package includes 20 Instagram captions for 20 photos.

Note: All Instagram captions come with free simple graphics (text and image background).

Custom Package

If you need more custom Instagram captions or you want to make a customized order that does not fall into any of the other packages, please contact us so we can create a custom package for you.

Additional service you can request for an additional $10:

• Branded hashtags or a group of Instagram hashtags to use on all captions.

custom written Instagram caption
We accept 1 Free revision

Why Choose Scoutness?

custom written Instagram caption


It's what industry leaders use for a strong copy as it shows the human side of the business. No matter how many people see your service, a well-written caption will make them feel as if it's only about them. We understand that a good Instagram caption is all about stories. It's amazing how you can tell a visual story with the help of only words, just like if it was putting together a puzzle. We make use of storytelling to write good Instagram captions to add personality to your brand and make it memorable for your audience.

Using storytelling techniques is a perfect example that it is not all about Instagram marketing. It can add context to your Instagram posts and it brings in more engagement. Even if it is just three to four lines, we will make sure that it will encourage your followers to make comments, which leads to more brand exposure and brand awareness.

Even if it's just short Instagram captions, you will get captions Instagram would show into users' feeds.

Tone of voice

You want a unique style that's perfect for your website or business. No two companies or people are alike, so why should their Instagram captions be the same? We make sure to get a good understanding of your company and come up with custom-written Instagram captions that fit your tone of voice and brand personality.

If you have an online store or an eCommerce brand, we will make sure to write a strong Instagram caption that provides helpful information that fits your brand to boost engagement rates and drive sales.


Encouraging engagement is the first thing most people do when they write Instagram captions. If you're looking for a great way to increase awareness about your brand or business in the digital world, then custom-written Instagram captions are the answer. Since it's such a popular form of social media, you'll be able to reach more people and bring even more engagement in when you post with our strong Instagram captions.

The potential for your business is huge on Instagram! You can increase awareness about your products and services and attract new customers quickly by having custom-written Instagram captions for each post. We can help you to do that by turning your photos into stories with the use of creative, catchy captions that are perfect for your business.

Original and creative Instagram caption

All our custom-written captions are written from scratch and tailored to meet your specific needs, so you'll get Instagram captions that work perfectly for your business.
Proofread and written on a professional level
We always proofread and edit our custom-written Instagram captions before we send them over to you for approval. That means that no matter what you'll always get Instagram captions that are perfect and ready for social media.

Fast turnaround time

Our team of experienced caption writers will start working on your custom-written Instagram captions as soon as you place your order, so you can expect them to be delivered in no time at all!

Instagram strategy expertise

We have been writing good Instagram captions for several years now and know exactly how to write good Instagram captions that will attract the audience you're looking for. We have expertise in social media accounts, especially Instagram accounts. We will create a solid Instagram strategy that will get your Instagram post get noticed by Instagram's algorithm.

We will write engaging Instagram captions that are clear and user-friendly to your readers. You can check out a few examples from our previous work.

Competitive pricing

We understand that you have a budget to work with, so we always strive to offer the best possible prices. This means that when you order custom-written Instagram captions from us you'll get more followers, likes, and comments on your posts without breaking the bank.

How to order our service?

  1. On the Order Form, indicate your chosen Instagram caption package.
  2. Send us a detailed description of what you want us to write for the captions. Please be specific as much as possible.
  3. Have all your images ready for your Instagram posts.
  4. Indicate anything else you deem important to include in the Instagram caption such as Instagram hashtags or a branded hashtag that you want. If it's for sponsored posts, indicate it as well so that we are aware of your specific requirements.

Contact our team first before placing an order for the Instagram caption service to avoid any cancellation. Read FAQ for further information.


Under our Terms of Services to avoid miscommunications, this is a friendly disclaimer that any ADDITIONAL tasks and requests that are not stated clearly in this order will require an extra charge.

What is included in my package?

Your deliverables will vary based on the package you pick. Please contact us first and we'll be more than happy to go through the details of each package.

What is the ideal caption length of a great Instagram caption?

There isn't a specific length that makes up a great caption. Longer captions can work as well, but captions that are too long might not be read. On the other hand, a short caption may lack important information about your brand. If you want to keep your followers attention, a good rule would be keeping it in 1-3 sentences. Depending on your request, we will write good Instagram captions that can be a one-liner or descriptive one.

Is adding hashtags okay?

Yes, adding hashtags at the very end is okay if you have specific ones in mind. However, there is an additional charge if you want us to research popular Instagram hashtags.

What will be the delivery format?

The Instagram captions will be sent to you in .txt file format. You may also indicate on your order if you want a specific format for the content before we submit it to you.

What do you offer as a revision?

We offer one free minor revision of your Instagram captions. Please be specific on your requests and special requirements so we can avoid any possible misunderstanding.

Do I own the copyright for my Instagram captions?

All copyrights and ownership of your .txt file will be transferred to you as soon as we finish writing it for you.

Do you offer rush orders?

We don't offer rush orders at the moment. We don't want to compromise the quality of the caption that we create especially if you want to increase engagement to direct users. We will contact you as soon as we receive your order and we'll give you an approximate time frame for your delivery.

Do you guarantee my Instagram captions will be free from plagiarism?

We check our copy for plagiarism before we send it to you. Our team double-checks each caption to make sure that they are original and new.

What is your refund policy?

Upon completion of your order, our service fees are non-refundable. This means that once you pay for the product or order and then ask for a refund, no amount of the payment will be refunded to you.

Will you post the captions on my Instagram feed?

Please note that this service does not include social media management. I won't be accessing your account, scheduling content, or interacting with your community. All captions are delivered to you in a .txt or .doc file.

Is it okay if I do not provide the photos?

Yes, however, if you do provide your photos, we will be able to write a deeper and richer caption to describe the image. If you are not comfortable sharing your images, we can still create the best Instagram caption provided that you give us a clear direction to save your revisions wisely.

Can you write a caption for any industry?

Absolutely! I can create a caption for any industry as long as you provide the necessary information that I need to do it.

Do you add emojis?

Yes! We do add relevant emojis to the caption if you want it. However, emoji usage varies depending on your industry and what look you want to achieve. There is no additional charge for this and we will always do it as long as you provide us with the necessary information for your order.

Can you add clickable links? Can you add ‘link in bio' as a call to action on the caption?

Due to Instagram policy, hyperlink URLs are only shown in plain text on the user's feed. However, if you want the call to actions to lead to a link, you can put a link in bio and we can include on the post caption a call to action to click the link in bio for more information. We can also add a clear call to action like ‘double tap this photo if you like it'.

Are Instagram stories included in the order?

You may request for a caption to be written for your Instagram story. Please note that we will do it in the same format as your feed captions. We can also add a call to action to click the link in your bio.

What if I have a suggestion or idea for the caption?

Feel free to let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions for the caption.

What can you add as a call to action?

We can include something in the caption to click the link in your bio which leads to a website, a social account, a blog post, or a product that you'd like to promote.