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Nov 08, 2012


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So Long Go2web20 Blog, Hello Scoutness!

What on earth was I thinking moving my Blogger to WordPress after 6 years! I really hope I won’t regret that, though I must say I already do (wordprss is not as easy as the blogger platform, that is for sure).

So, finally, my blog has a new design, and I’m changing my blog name from Go2web20 to Scoutness. The directory name however, stays the same.

Why am I doing this? I figure the name needed a bit polish now that web2.0 is not a term you need to cry out loud. I also feel related to the new name as scouting the web on a daily basis is what I actually do, and I intended to keep looking for new applications that will make life easier for all.

Finally, why my blog looks so much like Pinterest? I don’t believe any of you actually read my posts. I believe people scan for posts based on their interests, and this visual element layout help you find what you interested in faster than before. This is why I choose this kind of browsing and discovering content layout.

It may be a bit buggy at first, but please bear with me, I only started (well, kind of)

When you scroll down, at some point you won’t see pictures and that is because I’m too lazy to go over all my hundreds posts to add them. Sorry!

Would love to hear any feedback you may have.


Scoutness designed & developed by the talented Tiago!

  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder