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Oct 13, 2010


on Facebook

Photo Sharing’s Next Big Thing:

How often does an application pop-up and sweep you off your feet? Not too often, I have to admit (not since Angry Birds), at least for me. Sure, I get excited by all kind of apps almost everyday, but when it comes to actually using them, I don’t have too many on my list. What I liked about instantly is that it connects you in a different way with people, a visual way, and you feel comfortable using it because you know you’re not annoying anyone. No notifications, no emails, just beautiful pictures to explore.

I’ve found that you can know so much more about a person through his/her pictures, and because people can customize each picture with great-looking filters, the picture-stream is more rich, unique, and interesting.

Now, you can take or upload a picture, customize it, and share it via Twitter or Facebook. You can also share it only within your community of followers, and based on the same principle of Twitter, if someone follows you, they can see your picture-stream and you don’t have to follow them back in order to give them access, unless you have set your pictures as private. People can comment and like each others pictures regardless of whether they are following each other or not.

Although I really think this site has the potential to really catch on and turn into something big, there are some much needed features to be considered as well as the ability to have it sync to all of the web.

Here are some suggestion for improvements:

From the mobile application:

  • Allow people to get notifications from the people they choose (just like in Gowalla or Foursquare)
  • Allow Resharing of a picture that has already been posted by you or your friends
  • Allow deletion of comments about your pictures (or comments that you have made on other pictures)
  • Add an area when a user can track their comments and a place where they can find all the pictures they have liked.This application should sync with the web as well, meaning that when a person clicks on a link via Facebook or Twitter, he will be able to:
  • See how many people have viewed the picture (that’s actually very important data for the person who posted the photo, shows level of interest of content).
  • Make usernames clickable, let other people see latest pictures and enable them to follow someone from the web
  • Allow to grab an embed code
  • Sync all comments and likes to the web, the way it shows up on the app
  • Let people search and explore interesting pictures from the site itself.

Bottom-line is that you need a website to separate it from only iPhone users and let everyone enjoy this wonderful app.

  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder