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Jan 05, 2012


on Facebook

Likeish: The Service I’ll Never Have

2011 was nothing but hard work for me. Consulting with Israeli companies about UI/UX and social marketing strategies, meeting with early stage start-ups daily to guide them along the new terrain, organizing my own event – Techonomy, and then, just managing to stay on-top-of everything else was not an easy thing to accomplish – but it’s how I live my life and I find it completely rewarding, inspiring, and fulfilling.

I’m always in a thinking mode and I often have ideas in my head that I’d like to see come to fruition but usually that doesn’t always happen.. Either I find I don’t have the time or lack the energy to create it myself or I just move on to another, better idea.

This year, I had two major project ideas, one is actually in the making and is still in stealth mode. The other one is Likeish.

In my vision, Likeish is meant to be a service that solves Facebook’s search problem.

In other words:

Likeish is a bookmarking platform divided by two categories:

  • The content people share via Facebook
  • The content people like on Facebook.

Shared content:
Anything shared on Facebook will be accessible through Likeish. It may be via a Browser Add-on, a Bookmarklet, or simply through Facebook Connect, decided through user preference. Content shared on Facebook will also be saved under the Likeish service where users can easily search and find thier favorites and browse through their own content or other people’s content.

Liked content:
As long as a user has signed up using their Facebook account, they will be able to access and review their Liked Zone, where they will find all the links they have ever liked on and outside Facebook.

There will be two site modes:
Non-login – Allows search and browsing of public content, sorted by popularity, etc.,
Sign-in – (Facebook connect only) Allows the saving of content (public or private), browsing of likes, and the viewing/searching friends’ content.

Technically, everything that I was aiming to achieve is do-able via the Facebook API and does not violate its regulations (as far as I know) – but Facebook is always apt to change, block, and basically take down such services if they so choose. I thought it would be nice to do something creative with their API, something people really need: A good content search.

So why I am giving away Likeish?

I don’t have the time nor the money to lead such project, but if you are an entrepreneur (or maybe investor?) that find Likeish interesting and intriguing, lets talk.

The site is completely designed (by Eyal Shahar)

Take a look at Likeish below – I’d love to hear any feedback you may have:

Check this Likeish set on Flickr for better view.

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