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Dec 09, 2012


on Facebook

Google+ team, what are you doing??

Every time I mention the name Google+ on Facebook I get nasty jokes about me being the only user there.

Well, that is not true, and I feel sorry that people still compare between the two networks, it is not the same as Facebook. You know what is not the same? The people you get interact with. It can be a total different community and you can still enjoy it. I don’t know most of the people I have discussions with, but maybe based on that, I will. In anyway, there are people who uses Google+ even if it’s not yourself, nor your friends.

Last week Google introduced ‘Communities’. Just like Facebook groups, anyone can open a community and start a discussion based on topics, and interests. Now, there is something really annoying with the way Google+ allows anyone to share a community or an event invite right through your email. Maybe they assume you won’t get too much invitations, but I already had enough of these emails. Luckily you can change the notification setting from the privacy page or from the community page itself (there’s an on/off button on the left sidebar) too bad it is ok to send you an email by default.

Second thing that I don’t like is that I don’t get the method of what is going live on my feed and what is not. I saw several posts from people that I don’t know, but we are on the same community. The posts went to my personal feed something that I don’t get why Google is allowing. I assumed I’ll get posts on my feed only from the Community Moderators. But to get posts from other people is a pure recipe for spam and it is already proves to be just that:

Having said that, I love the new feature, but it needs some improvements:

  • Ability to add my own page as a topic in my own community – this will give the best connection between profile, page and community.
  • Add communities and pages that I own in my profile page so if someone check on me, he can see additional information such this.
  • Allow to share a post from the community with specific people or on my personal feed, otherwise I need to post twice, and how the hell people will know about the community anyway? It’s not that I’m going to invite them more than once.
  • On the community page, post sorting is needed: from your friends, community moderator, and all.

That what comes to my mind right now. Feel free to add any suggestion you may have.

Overall, I’m confused with this feature and frankly I don’t know how to make my community shine if I don’t have the right tools provided by Google+ themselves. Instead, I’m being forced to see content from people I don’t actually trust. I can handle it as long as it stay inside the community feed, but once it’s on my personal feed, it’s wrong.

  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder