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Nov 16, 2012


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6 powerful yet dead simple website builders

When I first wrote about Weebly, back in 2006(!)  I was so impressed by its drag & drop interface, and the ease of the whole process of creating a website. I still am, and this is why after 6 years I am still recommending this service. If you are looking for a quick way to build a website, that gives more than just one page information, and also provide a blogging system within the service, Weebly is it. A free account gives you access to the majority of the features on Weebly, plus unlimited pages, bandwidth, and storage space (with a limit of 5MB per file uploaded).  What is still missing is the fullscreen mode layout that we used to see in contemporary designs.

The free plan in Moonfruit is not really satisfying, but the service is!

You’ll be able to create one website, with 15 pages, a shop, and 20MB storage, for free. For more features you’ll need to pay. But here’s the thing: the pricing plan is reasonable and you also get 15% of all annual plans until the end of Nov.

But looking at the free plan, and the process of creating a site, is as easy as putting puzzle together. A very quick registration process, then the user can pick a theme (some lovely themes in the library), and start building a website by changing text, colors, fonts, pictures, videos, blog posts, and many more. Overall I found Moonfruit to be surprisingly good with the amount of freedom you need in order to to create a unique website.

I was a bit skeptical about the idea of building a website all through your iPhone, but then I realized it is a brilliant idea. All my photos are already on my iPhone, it makes it easy to create a website for things that really matter in life, such as: a travel diary, a lifestyle blog, food addiction log, pet lovers photo stream, and anything you can think of and contains pictures during your day. It takes few minutes to create a stunning website from your iPhone that will look great on the web as well.

Zapd allows you to open more than just one Zap, invite people to collaborate or join an existing Zap, check your activity from the iPhone, browse other people Zaps and meet new friends. It is really so easy to start something right away, but I’m guessing it should be web pages that evolves around photos because it is not that easy to write long posts through an iPhone. But overall, it is free, fun, and wonderful solution for people on the go. Check out my Zap: Foodlover I did it in two minutes. process topped them all. It is by far the fastest and playful way to get your website up and running. The down side is that you don’t get much in the free plan, and it is actually not clear what you get at all when setting up a free website. However, the experience was fairly awesome and some of the themes are really beautiful it is definitely worth a try. The full mode themes are a fresh touch, and very welcome when it comes to website builders.

There are so many mobile developers out there that creates amazing apps yet don’t know how to promote them, nor have the money to pay for a designer. This is where Smore for Apps comes in handy. The service allows mobile app owners to create stunning-looking pages for their apps, instantly. I truly think Smore is one of the most innovative services on the web today. It has the most amazing layout, for both creators and page visitors. It is just a lovely combination of wonderful user experience and superb design that works. Smore also has a tool for building flyers, which can basically be used for any kind of information you want to get out beautifully.  I salute the team for the amazing job on these two services.


I think Jux design speak for itself. When you go into the website you get the feeling your next website can look better, and with this feeling it is way more encouraging to start a website in the first place.  I wasted a lot of time on other platforms, so I know a good one when I see it. With jox, you get a lot of features for free, and the outcome is beautiful, and looks great on any device. Again, love the fullscreen mode, and the easiness of the process – I would say though, it is more likely this service is a good solution for people who want to showcase their portfolio, or any kind of content that has large photos and videos in it.

Two others, a bit more complex, solutions for people who want to create a free website with even more freedom: Obviously good old WIX, and a new service called Breezi that lately I’ve been using myself to create’s website. The experience was not easy at all, but the results were wonderful!

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