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Mar 20, 2014


on Facebook

Why You Should Use Unique Tags In Your Instagram Photos

According to Instgaram, I have 2,523 photo uploaded since Oct 2010.

That is a lot of photos! More than I uploaded anywhere else in my entire Internet life.

The real pain with this amount of photos is obviously the search, and I found myself not once or twice browsing a long stream of photos just to find what I need. Unfortunately, Instagram layout doesn’t make it easy to fine something, but the way their tags works can definitely help you with this task.

I’m not talking about the generic tags, these tags can help you get more views, more followers, and seems like people use them with or without context to the photo.  Unique tags however are a total different story. I’m using several tags to sort my photos in order to narrow the search later.

Now, there’s always a chance someone else use the same tags, and you can’t really do something about it, so I would actually love if Instagram consider at some point the ability to own unique tags, like you own a domain, or a username. But moreover, I would love Facebook to use the same tags method into their own feed. It’s way too late to start tagging content now, but if it works like in Instagram, we should all give it a try.

The great thing about Instagram is that you can retroactively tags your photos, and once you add the tags it is super-easy to tag the rest. Having said that, I really wish Instagram would change the layout and make photo navigation more convenient with or without tags.


  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder