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Dec 14, 2012


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The Best Free iPad Apps for Kids in 2012

I’ve tested hundreds of Apps for children this year, some Applications are just OK, others are fantastic! A combination of free and good app is hard to find, but when you find one you better download it right away since usually it doesn’t stay free for a long time. No wonder though. Kids are the biggest target audience for iPad Apps, money can definitely comes from them (wait, it actually comes from you, the parents)
The list here is for toddlers and children at the age of up to Six. Bigger kids know how to find games without my help. My nephews for example, don’t need me to tell them what’s hot or not. They test everything from the top list by Apple, every day. Amazing how fast learners they are.

[Click on the icons to download the apps]

Starting with Toca Boca games, everything from them is a treat, and best of all, some of their apps are free:

I only found about Pango apps last week, but fell in love immediately with the quality and graphics of these apps.

I learned about Maily in April this year, and been using it with my 10 year old nephew ever since. It is such an incredible feeling to get an email from him through the iPad. The app is free and so easy to function. Read my review here on how to get started.

It is not an easy task to sort Vegetables & Fruits while the crazy conveyor belts are moving..  but overall it is a challenging game and the whole family can help. With 32 challenging levels, a cast of over 50 cute characters. a gamification system, and lots of surprises, your in for a fun ride.


This Application is for children at the age of 2 to 5 years old. Painting through this app is really easy, kids just need to choose a color, then click on the area they want to fill it with. Cool-Coloring has a great feature that I haven’t seen anywhere else, and this is why this app suitable for toddlers also: a multi-color button that show a random color each time you click on the coloring page. This technique makes it easy to color a perfect picture with no effort at all.

LEGO has many iPad apps, but this one tops them all. And although it is a promotion Application, I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t download it. Actually, I wouldn’t expect anything less from LEGO.

And speaking of LEGO, don’t miss this wonderful story about how it all started.. (watch this video with your kiddos)

Two educational Apps you don’t want to miss: one to practice bedtime habits, the other practice how to connect the dots using colors, shapes, fruits, and numbers. Highly recommended.

Meet Mr.Fox, a cute interactive page for Christmas, where kids can tap on animals, decorate a Christmas tree, find hidden items and play christmessy melodies. Illustration is just wonderful, and although there’s not much to do in this App, I tend to see kids that sometimes need only one great page to play with over and over again.

TinyTap allows parents and kids to create educational games from everyday moments. Creating a game is simple – add a photo, record some questions, trace the answers and you’re ready to play. So whether you are a parent, a big brother or a sister, this is a wonderful opportunity to do something together.

I love all pets, but cats are my favorites as I raise some of them at home, so I’m really happy I came across this book:  I Love My Cat. Wonderful short and interactive story that teaches kids why cats are so lovable. I’m in favor of apps that connects kids with pets, it is so important to let them grow with compassion to them, even if they don’t adopt one. Read the book!

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