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Feb 28, 2012


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StreetFlow – A Voice-based Tour Guide For Any Road Trip [FREE]

Man, you gonna love this app! You know why? Because it needs absolutely ZERO effort on your side in order to make it work. Just one click actually. The one that opens the app.

So what is StreetFlow?
An informative app to help you find more about interesting places around you. The beauty in it is that you just need to open the app, and once a location is set (automatically), it will give you a brief information about cities, services, landmarks, and nature in your area. The app uses Instagram, and Flickr to present relevant pictures, and Wikipedia for the content you hear. You can also share on Facebook pictures and sites you have found withing the app.

So whether you’re walking, traveling by car, train, bus, etc, in your area or anywhere else in the world, you can open StreetFlow and immediately discover new points of interest along your route.
  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder