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Mar 08, 2013


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Stay In-touch With Friends Through Music – Introducing Listn (invites invites!)

When it comes to music services and applications, I’m usually trying them all. For me it even feels like an ongoing race to find the best service out there for music lovers. Taking under consideration that everything today should be on-the-go. And here’s another consideration in mind: UI. You can have the best service alive, but if the UI sucks, it will be harder to make people use it today, especially when the market is flooded with the same type of services.

My journey with Listn starts with Dribbble. I love exploring new designs and projects there. When I bumped into Listn mockups I knew I want to try it right away, I’m just so happy Listn didn’t fail to deliver.

What this service is all about?

Listn is a free application that takes all your iPhone music library, and makes it sharable for your friends – instantly. The conversion is really fast, and from what I’ve tasted, Listn is trying to play the best quality songs, even though the data drawn from Youtube. So basically it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can easily share your favorite song, album, or playlist from your phone and from wherever you are. The cool thing about it is that you don’t need to first search something and then share it. You know what you like, you have it on your phone, it makes it extra easier to simply share it with one person, or a group of friends. Besides sharing your own music you can of course follow friends, listen to their favorite music, save it on your profile, and stay in touch based on mutual music taste.

Listn UI is truly amazing, sexy, easy to function, and everything is clear and understandable, which is a key to an app success really.

Still in Beta so there are few bugs, the most critical is probably the languages issue. I was trying to share something in Hebrew which obviously I have on my phone, but couldn’t. This should be an easy fix I guess, and an important one for a lot of users.

Download here and use this code in registration: scoutnesslistn

LISTN from FounderFuel on Vimeo.

  • Orli Yakuel

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