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May 07, 2014


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Shop from your ipad like never before

Prediction: This App won’t get you in shape, but you going to love the experience of shopping from your couch anyway.

Meet Wondermall, A new online shopping App for the iPad, launched in the U.S. App store last week, and is about to improve the way you shop online.

So first let me start with a rant for all the people that don’t have an iPad: Boo. True, the experience of browsing a store with large photos and wider view is great, but I can definitely see it working on the iPhone as well. In fact, while on-the-go, and even when I’m window shopping, this App can help me save items I may want to buy later.

But iPhone version aside, this App is really Awesome, addictive, and in a way reminds me of Flipboard and the way they changed how people read news online.

With Wondermall, You can navigate through many stores, browse through tons of items, save whatever you like for later (either an item, or a favorite store), and of course buy things. Wondermall doesn’t have its own payment system, but users get to stay within the App while paying for an item in the original store website.

The App designed like a lovely shopping alley to resemble a real world shopping experience which for me worked perfectly fine. I actually enjoyed the navigation without the need of categories (but the sorting is there). The stores are very easy to browse, and the pictures in them are playing a huge key, and make everything look stunning.

The one thing that I  immediately felt as a user, is the easiness of how to function this App with no special help (although the guidance from time to time), and I think this what makes a good App, its simplicity.

There are some things in need of improvements:

  • Deals & Coupons – The number of how many I have overall is a bit scary. You show this type of information in three different places, it’s too much.

  • Feedback button location is annoying. Not that useful.

  • Item saved notification is unnecessary. Better to show the heart colored when inside a store.

  • Store pic grid is a bit small to my taste.

  • When clicking on an item, the closing button  is confusing  because you usually end up with 2 of them on a page.

  • Settings? I was looking for a way to get notifications from the stores I favorited.

Overall, Wondermall is really great, and I probably won’t be the first to predict that its vast majority of users will be women.

What I want to know is if Apple store on its way..

Download Wondermall here (U.S. App store only)

  • Orli Yakuel

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