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Dec 22, 2012


on Facebook

Path’s New Search Engine is Brilliant, BUT

Let me start by saying that search is the most important thing for me on the web. Starting with my inbox and all the way to social networks – wherever there’s content, there should be a good way to search the things you write and share. So of course I was thrilled to hear about Path new feature: ability to search all moments, and when it comes to Path it never fails to impress me with the amazing interface they have, and the super intuitive user experience within this app. The search is mind blowing and I don’t mind search everything on the web based on this tag method.

Unfortunately the search results are not what I expected. You get to see all kind of blended results from your friends and yourself together, and yes it has its value but for me it just wasn’t enough. What I think people will need is to search into their own content first, then by a friend name – couldn’t find this option. A multi-tag search option is also needed, and I also think that the display of the results should be different from the stream design, and I would suggest to go with a grid mode where a user can see more results each time. Finally, I had no idea that when you import all the content from Instagram, Facebook, and Foursquare, it will be visible to everyone again.. It was a bit strange, but as long as I can search everything that is in there, I guess it worth it (right now I can’t)

However I found out that when I search specific tags, it works fine, but it definitely needs some fine-tuning:

Having said that, I can see Path is going in an interesting direction, and I have no doubt in my mind the search is just a start of something bigger that we all need in the future.

If you haven’t try the new search, take a look at this demo, then give it a go:


  • Orli Yakuel

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