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Dec 05, 2011


on Facebook

Path. The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful

If you haven’t tried Path, go download it first and foremost. You can decide whether you want to keep it and use it later on, but don’t miss its outstanding interface and user experience (that is only if you are iPhone or Android owner).

This App has gained a lot of buzz over the last few days, mostly because of its innovative GUI. That is pretty amazing because it’s hard to impress early adopters – people who try just about everything and anything worth trying. In this sense, Path is a design treat and a sweet surprise for firstcomers.

Although I’m pretty much smitten with this app already, there are some issues that I think are problematic for users. However, lets start with the good things:

New set of communication tools – There’s no doubt that Path worked hard thinking about what’s going into the plus at the corner of the home page. You don’t need more than that anymore, you can share your entire life simply from 6 options. Moreover, they can change the behavior of each icon from time to time (or add more functionalities) to make it more interesting. Bottom-line, this corner plus, has more than positive than I’ve seen on the web in a long time.

Simplify conversation – Although it may seem like Path is over packed with graphical elements, the flow is simple. It is extremely easy to follow a conversation or an activity. It seems that the Timeline concept is hot right now ever since Facebook debuted it. I’ve seen in on Twitter, and now on Path – but on Path it is well organized. In fact, I’d love to see my Facebook Timeline organized so flawlessly.

Less is better? (+/-) You be the judge.
For people who have had it with just about everyone on their Facebook stream, and are looking for a more intimate place to share, Path is the right place for them. That is Path’s concept from the get-go, sharing with only your closest friends.

For me, this might not be good enough. After having so many friends, on so many platforms, I’ll miss the effects of sharing on such a grand scale. After a while you get bored with the same group of people liking your photos. It might be just right for a family sharing platform, but I don’t see someone like my mom using it right away. Perhaps down the road, I’ll feel different about this but for now, that’s not the right path. Because at the end of the day, it’s another social platform to handle, and something’s got to give.

Now for some Bad things (or strange functionalities):

Auto-viewer counter – It is still a blur to me how it works, but it seems like everyone who just sees my picture on their stream, counts as a viewer automatically. If this is really the case, there’s something unnatural about it. Almost like someone compelling me to “see” a photo, although it was only displayed in my stream. The same applies to ‘Visited Your Path,’ this message can sometimes be personal (even within a group of good friends) and it is somewhat annoying that everyone or the person themselves (sometimes) can see visitors.

Deleting/Edit content
If you are looking for the delete button, it’s inside the comment box, which does not make a lot of sense, if you want to delete your own content. I’d be okay with a simple remove button just like in Gmail or the Facebook iPhone app. As for the Edit option, don’t look for it, there’s no such thing.

Web Login
This one is really odd. From the homepage, there’s no way to log-in to your Path account. You can only log-in from the links outside the app (AKA Facebook/Twitter), and there you can change the settings if you want. (Android users that couldn’t find the settings before, now can)

AND The Beautiful

This is by far the best looking app on the market right now. I think the interface is so good, it makes people visit the app just to use it more than to see what their friends are up to. Great job on that Path! If anything, they just raised the bar for a lot of application developers and set the standard way high. Always a welcome change, seems like there’s a new path to follow.
  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder