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Aug 20, 2010


on Facebook

My Own Personal Facebook Rant

It seems like lately I’ve been ranting about Facebook a lot, so I’ve decided it would be best to write this down, since just maybe, you feel the same as I do.

I just want to state first, that I adore Facebook. I use this platform so often that maybe this is why all of their recent changes lately are even more frustrating.

Here’s what bothers me the most:

Facebook pages resizing – On the 23rd of this month, Facebook will change the size of the pages you have already created (thousands of them) to a size of 520pixels (instead of 760). I get the idea of a new and improve navigation, but would it kill Facebook to actually explain nicely to the their users why this is happening and how to adapt these pages? I guess it is fine for them to just give us a heads up about these changes…
Facebook page

It would be fine, if that was the only thing Facebook is changing. But, they are changing stuff daily now, making it very difficult for users or page admins to feel comfortable in space and maintain their profiles and pages accordingly. While it is great to have new features, it is getting harder to enjoy the platform when items that you have used are removed or replaced that easily.

Which brings me to the Question feature. With this one, Facebook changed the whole publish box from this interface:

to this one:

Don’t worry, you’ll get use to it, right? Until, you’ll realize all the nice things like posting a song, gift, or any other thing on a friend’s wall are gone for some reason. Why is Facebook taking all the fun out of its platform? Shouldn’t it be a huge part of what we do while networking with each other? Have you noticed that your daily stream has become more and more link-based and less and less friend-based?

Back to the Question feature, I’m still trying to get it. Why Facebook released a semi-product (even if it is only to a small percentage of its users) is beyond me. Navigation is a drag. From the main Questions area, you can’t get to your own questions – only from your profile. You can’t answer directly from a stream (either on the homepage, or from your profile) this option is not there and this is really a basic obvious feature.

Check out this screenshot below: I can’t see how many people answered my question, nor can I open a new question right from my user’s question zone. I need to go inside each question to find out more. I would love to see this at first glance though. It would save a lot of time for users. And the oddest part is that I can’t open a new question from anywhere else but the box in my wall. What?!

You know this feel bad? Because this is not the user experience I expect to have on Facebook. I consider it on the cutting edge, in terms of bringing users fresh and new features that ultimately leads to a completely different behavior from users all over the web. So to get this bad experience from them is disappointing to say the least.

I don’t have the Places feature yet. Which is OK.. living in outside of the U.S., I’ve learned to be patient…
But, just from a quick look at a friend’s page, I can see it still needs polish:

  • I understand The Edgewater is a hotel, so a badge/image/icon for different types of places would be helpful.
  • Reviews/Recommendation by friends
  • Connect existent service pages to their location

I hope Facebook will allow proprietors to do something with this page. If The Edgewater could connect this place page to their service page on Facebook it would be great. That way a proprietor can control what information is on the page and can offer deals, coupons, etc. Anyway, it is much early to predict what Facebook will do with ‘places’ and now that they know not only what you like, but also where you are at, the sky is the limit – but mostly for advertising opportunities.

I’m actually looking forward to trying it out myself and can’t wait to see what will become from it. I’m sure people that have been reluctant to sign on to similar services will be more open to trying them now. Perhaps they will feel more comfortable on Facebook rather than another location-based platform.

Last but not least, we come to Global support. Living in Israel, I can tell you it is not easy to get Facebook’s attention. I’m not saying that each country needs to have a Facebook office. But, I do think that if there are millions of users in one country, Facebook could at least allocate a small team to deal with service issues & local business problems (ideally, in that language), rather make them go through an exhausting journey with the help center. That just doesn’t cut it, Facebook..

  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder