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Jul 29, 2012


on Facebook

Mobile Apps + Facebook Connect = Notification Trap

You know all of those great apps that promised they will never ever spam you?

So here’s the problem, they do. Even if they had no intention to spam you at first, they just follow a notification trend, and if it’s OK by one service it is probably OK by all of them.
Flash news, it is so NOT OK.
iPhone users with Instagram, Path, Foursquare, Highlight, etc, might feel the same as I do. These services have an update that I often find useless: “Your Facebook friend XXXXX joined our service” The problem is that I have way too many friends on Facebook (lots of people do), and more than 50% of them are friends because they read my blog, or just follow my updates on Facebook. Needless to say that most of them, I don’t know in person, or by name. So to get an update about someone that has joined an app just because I signed up through Facebook connect has become a nightmare. Listen, I’m fine with updates that telling me someone has requested to be my friend, or comment on my activity, but to notify me about everyone in my friend list that is joining your app is somewhat annoying and on the verge of spam.

I don’t know what is the average number of friends a person has on Facebook, but I’m sure it has grown over the years, and the more you have friends, it is more likely that you get more notifications. In anyway, maybe it is just me, but I feel this is a piece of information we don’t really need in order to know our friends using the same service.

I love all the services I’ve mentioned but please, be fair to your users. Give the ability to disable some of the notifications. Some services BTW, already do: Instagram, and Foursquare. Sadly, I’m sure other new services will follow the new notification trend because everyone is OK with that.

  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder