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Feb 17, 2012


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Loudlee is like Pinterest for Music (and men can use it too)

The first time I opened Loudlee (and thank you TNW for the invite), I knew I’m going to use it. I guess it is part of the magic you’re looking for in a web service: something that will look inviting enough to use. Loudlee is it.

Yes, it has almost the same interface like Pinterest, but the reason I don’t care much is because this platform works very well with music it is just a brilliant match.
So what can you do with Loudlee?
In a nutshell: you can search for favorite artists and music, create playlists, and discover new music through friends or the rest of Loudlee community. All the music comes from Youtube (like it or not, this is how it usually works in most music web services) – Loudlee just organized it better so it will be easy and fun to use.

What, are you kidding me? I use Spotify..
OK, while this may sound surprising, I have some issues with Spotify.
Being located outside of the U.K./U.S. I can use it only over a VPN connection. I’ve done that, but still I feel this is much like having a second iTunes, and maybe it is just me that prefer a Web-based service than anything else. Quality is king, but most of the time I’m fine with a regular video clip coming from Youtube, so Loudlee fits perfect for me. Also, I don’t feel like Spotify yet cracked the social aspect of its community. In Loudlee I see it straightforward.
In anyway, there is not a real comparison here, after all these are two different services.

While I like the service a lot, there are some missing features that I’d love to see:
  • The ability to like shared songs by friends (that’s require a ‘Like’ area for later view)
  • Soundcloud support (search and post songs from soundcloud)
  • Easier way to follow people, by free choice
  • Friend suggestion list based on music taste (can be from the entire community)
  • A better way to find playlists (it’s a bit tricky now)
  • A way to know if someone is listening to music based on my recommendations,
  • Which lead me to activity stream.. there are some interesting information and connections that I’d like to know about
  • A profile URL with a username on it will be nice to have.
Last thing, I personally find the auto-following feature annoying, but I can see the viral aspect on that decision. Maybe find a way to highlight this part of settings right from the beginning.

If you’d like an invitation to test Loudlee – use this link.
My music profile can be found here.
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