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Dec 06, 2010


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Looking for a Good Radio Service?

It’s been a while since I have recommended an AIR app. It seems like they have fade out from the world, but I have a feeling they’ll be back with the raise of the tablets.
I’m a huge fan of TheRadio web service, which is an online radio service that allows you to freely listen to music based on one artist you choose (check out their massive list of artists), or you can listen to readymade lists, and charts by TheRadio that include some really great channels.

I have no idea where the music is streaming from, but it surely is high quality, which is surprising because most of the music services on the web today uses Youtube to play songs.
If you wish to be a member and get ad-free player, you can sign up to this plan ($2.95/month) and listen to all the music you want.

I’m pretty happy with their AIR app even though it displays some ads.

Download the AIR app here.

  • Orli Yakuel

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