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Jan 06, 2012


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Like For Israel – A New App We Made

During the ‘Like for Israel’ Hackathon, I teamed up with three colleagues (Yosi, Eyal and Israel) to create an iPhone app that in its basis aim to promote Israel’s landscapes and sites. I usually don’t go to Hackathons since I’m not a developer myself, but to my surprise it was an interesting experience overall.
LIKE for Israel is an organization aims to create a global Internet task force, connecting pro-Israel activists from all political circles, professional and geographical backgrounds and strengthen the pro-israel presence on the web.

The App based on a simple LIKE stamp that iPhone users can stick on any photo they take. All it needs for them is to open the app which opens the camera automatically, place the LIKE stamp as needed, and take a shot.  Additionally, there are few other stamps to place instead of the ‘LIKE’ one, and users can easily switch between them by simply tap on the stamp.

What we actually wanted is to allow people to LIKE things that are related to Israel, and share some of the country wonderful views. I myself use to take lots of landscape pictures so it will be nice to add the like stamp on top of them from time to time. Having said that, you can also use the LIKE stamp to share any likable photo you want regardless Israel.

The app is available on the App store for free and you can download it here. (or directly here)
I’d like to also recommend a service for people who are on the run and looking to create a quick landing page for their new smartphone app (great for events such Hackathons) – – it is just a super cool service!

  • Orli Yakuel

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