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Apr 30, 2011


on Facebook

Instagram vs Extragram

There are only few services that I’m using although they are not giving a perfect user experience. is one of them. The service has so much potential to be the next big photo sharing platform, yet it is holding back some of the basic features that users want and need.

I was an addicted user right from the beginning, but once they’ve changed the news feed, It was just too hard to track stats, and you do want to know how many, and who are the people, that liked your photos (I won’t believe if you say you don’t). I think this is the reason changed this feature back, but still, it is simply not enough. should be fully featured available through the web as well. But while you’re waiting for them to add the ability to:

  • Like a photo from a web browser
  • Comment on a photo
  • Brows photos in an a wider screen
  • Search for photos from a web browser
  • Follow a person

You should know that already enables everything in this wish-list.

When you click on an link from Facebook, Twitter, Blogs – You get this:

(the profile pictures you see in this picture are not even clickable)

Wouldn’t it be great to see something that is more similar to this:

In any case, it’s great that opened their API for developers, that way we get to see great innovations such – But I would love for to enable web synchronization themselves. It will definitely expand the community that is now surrounding the iPhone users, and will increase user engagement.

  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder