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Feb 13, 2013


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iAlbums Acquired Loudlee’s Technology And Brings The Pintersty Look Back!

As a huge Loudlee fan I couldn’t be happier to welcome the Pinterest look & feel back. Loudlee was one of my favorite music services as it was very easy to function, navigate and find albums and tracks. Additionally users can add friends from Facebook, follow their music, see what their friends are listening to and make new friends based on similar music taste through the trending tab.

iAlbums started as an iPhone App that enables users to experience the story behind their favorite music, with bios, reviews, lyrics, photos, videos, interviews, etc. I’m not yet sure how they’ll make the connection with this app, and the new website, but I heard that the same Loudlee experience is coming to the iPhone, and I’m definitely looking forward to be able to play all my favorite playlist on my iPhone as well (because then I can hook it to my car and have my music while driving).

iAlbums further connects you with the music by providing you with new musical discoveries based on your interests. Rather than simply taking your favorite genre and suggesting other artists within that genre, iAlbums goes beyond this to give you the music that has influenced those artists, allowing you to expand your musical horizons in a totally new way.

From a personal experience, I had some trouble connecting to Facebook (might be the number of friends I have), and some of the songs I’ve played were actually cover of the original one, and that is a ‘no no’ for any other music application out there that uses Youtube as a main source of music. You need to at least know how to eliminate covers..

Having said that, iAlbums is a keeper.


  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder