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Apr 18, 2011


on Facebook

How To Make Sure Your Clients Will ‘Like’ Your Facebook Page

Can anyone doubt the fact that Facebook is 100% mainstream now? I see more offline messages than I see in my friends online stream, or at least this is the case in Israel. You can see those “follow us in Facebook” messages just about anywhere: TV Ads, Posters, Billboards, Restaurants, and more. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

While Facebook is becoming more and more visible offline, it is crucial to have tools to help people bridge the gab between these two Online & Offline worlds. SpotLike is one of these tools.
SpostLike is an insanely simple, yet powerful engagement tool for clients and customers. It allows people to enter their Facebook page URL address, and immediately get a printable QR code to place in their location, whether it is a store, office, restaurant, etc. This will give visitors at these locations the ability to scan this printable QR code in order to quickly get to the location owner Facebook page, where they can easily ‘Like’ it.

There are lots of online generators that will let you create QR code in a flash, but most of them are not print-friendly. SpotLike will easily generate a high resolution format that is also good looking to place anywhere you want.

SpotLike is powered by Tingiz, a company that has lunched its future concept vision in the Techonomy3 event. Tingiz aims to make the right connection between people and products in a way that both costumers and clients will benefit from. I personally think Tingiz takes QR code to its next level – the way product-codes should actually work like. If you own a brand, I suggest you to take a deeper look at this company – no other service gives better solutions than Tingiz.
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I’m very much fascinated by the QR code technology, this is why I explore it top to bottom. Soon I’ll expand on this subject in a longer post. Stay tuned.

*tip: if you don’t own a printer, but you have an iPad, you can generate the code through your device and place it anywhere you want to let other people scan it :)

  • Orli Yakuel

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