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Aug 21, 2013


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Get ready for a smarter mailbox platform

For the last 3 months or so I’ve been testing a mobile-friendly email application called Ping – An app that aims to reduce email load  and change the way you think about emails and communications.

To start with, Ping uses you current email account (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL).

What’s interesting and pretty innovative about Ping is its simple vision that separates important emails from all the other emails you get, and turns them into real-time conversations where you can see if the person you exchange emails with is online and/or typing. Similar to Whatsapp and alike. Best part BTW, is that you can set to get notifications only from a certain list so you don’t have to deal with the pressure of tons emails notifications a day.

The first thing might comes in mind is that Ping actually a chat platform, but the vision is more than just that. The interesting part is the change in the behavior of how we use emails with people we know vs the rest emails we get into our mailbox. I for example get many emails related to social, promotional, etc, and Ping automatically sort them into a regular ‘Incoming list’. Emails from people that I already discussed with, goes into the ‘Chat list’ which better helps me follow discussions and open subjects. You can of course move email addresses from one list to the other, easily.

It’s a bit tricky though because at the moment if both sender & receiver has the app installed, they can see etch other when online. I already informed that you will be able to change this in the settings, but not sure if for individual person or not. In anyway, get ready to a whole new experience..

What features you should expect from Ping (partial list)

  • A good combination of chat and a regular mailbox into one platform (no, it’s not like having Hangout inside Gmail)
  • Easy to send photos, web images, voice messages, and doodles to better express yourself
  • Start a voice or video call with anyone you want (I’m a bit freaked out when I write this)
  • Easily brows photos & document you get or send (highly useful)
  • Save emails to read later
  • Style your chat
  • Change read/unread like never before

and many more goodies inside.

My only negative at the moment would be Ping’s overall design, but I can’t show it to you anyway so maybe by the time this is out, it will be improved.

Bottom line, many Apps are trying (and tried) to improve and organize your mailbox, rather than to actually change the behavior and experience. Ping simply, and quite boldly does that, and I happen to think it’s just smart – there’s a whole new generation that don’t even know what emails is all about. They uses Facebook to send messages. For them, Facebook and Whatsapp is email.

If you concerned about going back to your Gmail and see all the emails in one big pile again, Ping web version to follow soon.

If you have any suggestion of how to make it a better mailbox for you, write it in the comments.


  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder