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Nov 11, 2012


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Flayvr Is Great, But It Can Be Awesome

When I first tested Flayvr, I was blown away at its simplicity and overall results. But quickly I realized that I’m not sure when and if I’ll use this service and I didn’t want it to be one of these apps that you try first, then completely forget about.

Flayvr brilliantly organizes all the photos in your camera roll and turn them into interactive slideshows based on dates, time, and your own calendar event information. The outcome is beautiful and obviously way better than the ordinary camera roll viewer. You can also share the slideshow with friends & family via social networks or email. So basically, you don’t need to do anything but download Flayvr, it does it all automatically for you, which is always nice to have. The problem that I see is visibility and continuity as most people will probably use the service for personal use.

So I want to suggest a little twist. Something that I think will be cool to have, and maybe help with the viral effect that is critical for this service. An easy way to share my day through photos. Imagine how cool it will be to share your entire day with friends through photos you took during the day. I totally see myself using such app if it will give me the freedom to choose photos (which it does anyway) and write something on each photo or video (which it doesn’t).

Another option would be to remind users by email about their Flavrs. I don’t know how many users will be OK with email notifications, but there should be such option in the settings. The app will need to first have ‘Settings’ area I guess..

Other suggestions:

  • Larger/wider viewer when sharing a Flayvr – Web display experience should be different compared to mobile.
  • Skip similar photos
  • Photo text editing flexibility
  • Filters – at this are, a photo-related app with no filters can be considered as not current.

Well, I can only hope the Flayvr team will do the right thing.

Speaking of which, I found the team to be noting but wonderful. Especially Flayvr’s CEO Ron Levy who is a one of a kind person. I believe that if you have a great product along with a lovable personality,  chances of success rise considerably.

Flayvr is free on the App store (Android is coming soon)

  • Orli Yakuel

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