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Mar 03, 2012


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eBay + Pinterest = Rummage

I have already mentioned several times that Pinterest interface works because of its simplicity. But when it comes to shopping, its design is even better. This is where Rummage make a difference – It takes eBay picture products and present them in a similar Pinterest layout so it will be easier to find an item that you like.

Of course you can go to eBay, sort the results by gallery and have part of the shopping experience, but playing around Rummage, I can ensure you that it has much fun and attractive way to search something than on eBay itself, and you have better change on finding what you need. Once you find something that you like, click on it and get more information such as related items, seller feedback details, more items form the same seller, and the option to pin/tweet/share it with your friends.
Bottom line: there is a huge buzz feeling around Pinterest, but I kinda like it since it also improves the way we share and consume content on the web. Reminds me of the first time I felt when I tweeted.. different web behavior, yet better.
  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder