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Oct 26, 2011


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Drive and Play!

Before I tested Drivia, Entertaining trivia game based on voice, I was very skeptical about it. An app that you can play with while driving? Doesn’t make much sense. Well, Drivia aims to change that while building the first interactive app designed to fight driver fatigue.

Drivia, an Israeli-based company, has recognition capabilities that asks the driver questions and provides feedback on whether or not the answers are correct. The app behaves differently based on the fatigue level of the driver and interacts with the driver by voice only, in order to prevent the driver from falling asleep.

While the idea might sound noble and exciting (and I must admit, addictive!), I have some reservations, and safety issue. First, even though the app is voice based, you’ll need to place your iPhone somewhere close to you in the space of your car in order for the app to hear you correctly. If you don’t have hands free car kit installed, then it’s a problem. But the main issue might be that it will be a challenge not to look at your phone during the whole Trivia time, which is a natural behaviour that we’re used to, and would be difficult to change.

Having said that, when I think about SIRI, I believe we’re going to see more and more services developed based on the same idea (and API, once siri will open it) so yes, I think services such Drivia has a chance to change something in the way we use our smartphone in the car.

The app is free with limitation. In-app purchase are available for $0.99.

Download here.
  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder