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Jan 01, 2012


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Don’t Just Take Videos. Take GREAT Videos!

How often do you test an iPhone/iPad App and say “Wow”? For me,┬ánot so often. But from time to time I bump into an App that is: A) Impressive B) I can see myself use daily.

Today is one of these days, and the App called: Movie360. It has 13 effects that you can choose for your movie. Alternatively, you can take a video, upload it to Youtube and choose almost the same effects, but it is much easier to do it all from the iPhone, plus, you can change filters while taking a video (something you can’t do on Youtube). Plus (plus!) files of Movie360 are much smaller, and recording time can last as long as two hours!

I have no idea why this App is free, but if you are a person who love taking videos on a regular basis, grab it as fast as you can. It’s a┬átreasure.

  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder