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Sep 18, 2011


on Facebook

Do You Filter Content or People?

I don’t know if you’ve felt it as well but over the last month I’ve noticed that fewer and fewer people are commenting on my posts no matter where they are, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and even own my own blog.

I’d like to think it had nothing to with me…

I do think something has changed. I don’t think people filter content anymore, they simply filter their friends. if you are anything like me, you start your day by reading the news feeds you have subscribed to or feeds from your friends. In the beginning, it was mostly blogs we subscribed to but now that it’s friends’ updates, or people you know, the way we read content has changed. Honestly, do you ever really read everything in your stream on Twitter, or do you just scan it quickly by looking for friends’ profile pictures first?

The same applies to Facebook. It is more than likely, and probably makes sense psychologically, that by now, you go through your stream faster than before and by looking at the most active friends, ones that you best familiar with and most interested in what they have to say. Little by little (and it maybe subconsciously that you do so) you narrow the list of content so you are able to consume it better.

As a result of this change in consumption behavior people seems to respond less on their friend’s posts, and those looking for interaction need to be satisfied with only a like or +1, and maybe a share (sometimes so fast you can’t really believe they have read the whole post).

Are we that kind of user generation? I think we need some kind of innovation here.. it reminds me of the strong era of RSS Readers. It was great while it lasted, but then we got bored and moved to other kinds of feeds suggested by our friends. Are we ready for a new kind of content sharing behavior? What do you think?

  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder