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Nov 09, 2012


on Facebook

Create Stunning Looking Facebook Cover Photos

You know how I like tools that you don’t need to sign up for, or connect your life information in order to use them. Ribbet is it.

First, a very good news for Picnik lovers (and there are so many of you out there!) – Ribbet is exactly the same service as Picnik. It was built on the open source code released by Google, and they even worked with Google to ensure the service reduced customer confusion to a minimum (so people don’t think that Ribbet is owned by Google). Ribbet just want to bring back a popular product to people who really want it.

Now, here’s a (very) simple explanation how to create a new cover photo for your profile or page in Facebook using only Ribbet.

  • Click here to start
  • Upload photo (best to choose horizontal image)
  • In basic Edits tab, choose ‘Crop’  (if the image is too big, you may want to resize it first)
  • Under ‘Crop’ you’ll find some custom made sizes, choose Facebook Cover size (850 x 315)
  • Move the coping tool around your photo to find the best cropping area, then click ‘Apply’
  • Now you can edit your photo with some effects – Just go to the ‘Effects’ tab and choose your desirable effect. You can also use the ‘Touch-up’ tab if needed.
  • Happy with the results? Save the photo to your computer
  • And finally, upload the new cover to your Facebook profile (or page).

  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder