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Nov 03, 2011


on Facebook

Create Lovely Music Webpages, & Publish them as Facebook Fan Pages Too

The first thing that came to mind when I came across Nogeno was that it looks a lot like, only for musicians. Over the last year, it seems like is leading a new trend: offering a simple way to get a quick look at some one’s information without getting lost in cluttered content. I believe Nogeno is on this same path – And, if you are a music artist, then you might want to take a look at Nogeno.

Nogeno provides musicians with a rich platform to create a webpage that showcases their music, biography, discography, videos, and gig listings. All in one single place. Musicians can have a custom URL with their band’s name, and publish it anywhere they want: social networks, email-signature, business cards, or even as their own webpage.

While attempting to create a page, myself, I realized the experience was not as quick as I thought it would be, but the results where pretty neat. I guess that for a really informative and good looking page, you’d have to invest some time – but I think it’s worth it (see examples below and judge for yourself).

After the user signs up, they can import all of their information and music from Bandcamp or Myspace via URL, or upload music directly from their computer, and then add information into the Nogeno backend, and customize the page with background wallpaper and colors to match the whole page’s theme.

Musicians can also sell their music directly through Nogeno, from the settings they can choose which tracks to offer as free downloads, which are for sale, etc. Having this feature, defines a direct sell communication channel between music owners and people who purchase music online. Musicians can change this setting very quickly and easily choose to do deals, make a song/album free, or anything else they want to offer fans.

But the most appealing tool in Nogeno is the ability to create a welcome tab in their Facebook Fan Page that parallels their Nogeno webpage in a matter of no time. Yes, almost like RootMusic, but your page will live in two places: as a web page (the one you just created on the site), and inside of Facebook. Basically, you’ll only need to set it up once. Once you set up a webpage in Nogeno, you’ll find a “Facebook” tab in the editor section. Click on it, and follow the few steps to get your own music tab within your Facebook page.

When I asked the company why they chose to store music on the platform instead of using SoundCloud for example, I was informed that they might go that route in the future, but their vision at the moment, is that they want musicians to think of Nogeno as a hub for their music, and allow them to connect their music with other services later on.

Nogeno, however, is not the only player in this arena. There is of course Rootmusic (which only recently raised another $16M to expand Facebook’s BandPage), and Onesheet, who are doing similar things separately. But if you combine the two services together, you’d get Nogeno, which is the only service today that allows users to also export pages to Facebook, in addition to the other features.

Up until now, the company has raised $20,000 from Israel-based Venturgeeks, and are already in talks with several angels about the next round.

The service already has more than 4,000 pages, among them you can find Duran Duran, We The Kings, and many more.

Disclaimer – I used to be a mentor to this company (on a free basis)
  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder