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Nov 10, 2012


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Better Gmail Needed. 3 Features I Need The Most

I can’t believe I’m using Gmail for 8 years now! It’s been such a long ride, and most of the time I’m enjoying it. But lately I have a feeling that most of the new features in Gmail are Google+ related and not really stuff we must have (or should I say, not the features that people who uses Gmail for work, constantly need). The list of new features is probably long, and I’m sure you have some suggestions on your own, but I’ve chosen my most needed features to date.

Before I start, a word about the new compos feature: the one that opens at the lower right corner of Gmail, and allows to preview and search emails at the same time. Overall, I like it, but something in the experience is a bit awkward. Also, there are some editing feature missing in this lite version so I switched back pretty quickly.

What do I really need?

  1. Calendar Integration
  2. Pin important email ability
  3. Quick Access List
Pin important emails - now that seems pretty basic to me. I know there is a way to see emails you never read first at the top of the inbox, but I want to be able to pin emails, ever if I read them. And yes, I can use a star and add those emails under a label, but it is most likely I won’t check in there.

Calendar Integration – I want to be able to see all my meetings today the first time I log into my Gmail (screenshot one). If I have more than one event at the same day, it can show a drop down menu, or show me the most upcoming event I have. On the second screenshot (below), you can see my vision on how such feature should look like when you click on ‘Location’ – you’ll be able to see the map directly from inside Gmail. I think it is more practical this way. There are so many additional information that this feature can present in the ‘expanding mode’.

Quick Access – I yearn to this kind of feature for a long time. One that allows me to add a favorite list of people on the sidebar. From there I can easily send them an email, search for emails, start a chat or a phone call, and go to their Google+ profile. You probably thinking: you can do all of that from the chat box, but no. I want to be able to choose some people and easily change the list whenever I want. I’m sure this kind of feature can come in handy, not just to myself.

The mockups BTW are just to express the features vision better.

I’d love to hear what you think, and what is your personal pain in Gmail. I must say that I’m very disappointed that Gmail Lab is no longer being updated, it was the most exciting part of Gmail.

  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder