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It all started when I opened my blog over 7 years ago. I fell in love with the web and the startup scene immediately. A short time later, I found myself working at AOL. I handled partnerships and I mainly met with Israeli startups, reporting back to AOL if I saw potential. After I left AOL, startups still wanted to meet with and tell me about their ideas, listen to my feedback and use my connections. That’s when I became a freelancer. Years later, I still love what I do. I’ve worked with many amazing Startups, but I’ve helped even more.

I’m obsessed with technology and look at new services every day. I love the rush when some of them amaze me. It’s this time and effort to study what’s new in the market that has shaped my skill set. I look at UI differently, with a strong attention to detail. Today this is my main expertise when working with a startup.

As a consultant I work with startups on:

  • UX/UI (this is not the same as design)
  • Product specification
  • How to manage and maintain social networks
  • How to grow your company user-base/usage
  • Social and mobile marketing
  • Scouting

Here’s what I won’t do (for money):

PR of any kind – Now let me be more specific: Yes, I have some connections, yes I know bloggers and how it works in the Blogosphere, and I will help you in anyway I can and connect you with the right person, but most likely not take money for it. So no guarantee your story will get somewhere, and anyway, it is your product/app/platform that needs to impress (me) first.

Besides being a consultant and a blogger, I am also the main organizer of the event. It is a tech event held in Israel and aim to expose new and interesting innovative startups worldwide. Among the Startups that have launched in you can find: (acquired by Facebook in 2012), Interlude, Megisto, Tracx, Tv.tak, 24me, and many more.