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Jun 29, 2011


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A New Photo Viewer Platform Worth Checking Out

I know.. there are too many photo sharing and storage services to choose from lately: Instagram, Path, Picplz, Dailybooth, and more. It is getting hard to pick only one favorite. But make no mistake, VVALL is not the ordinary sharing platform, but more of a service that enables users to view photos by the date picture taken, or shared over the web. Now you can easily associate a picture to an event that happened on a certain date, and collect your memories better than before.

VVALL organizes your photos automatically, and create a beautiful photo journal that is basically a record of your life. Once you sign up, you can connect with the photo-sharing platforms already in use in order to import your photos to the service, by days (private upload option is also available). Additionally, you can backup all your photos to Dropbox. And of course you can invite friends to follow your VVALL, and know who has seen each of your days.

The application is a bit slow, but I love the noble concept and the design (which is yeah, somewhat resemble to Path).

Missing features:

  • Auto-copy notes of each photo if grabbing it from Instagram, or Picplz
  • A better inviting system
  • Allow me to comment on my own photos
  • The ability to see all of this from a web platform.

Some screenshots:

Available for iPhone and iPod Touch. Android is coming soon.

  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder