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Jan 25, 2012


on Facebook

A New [Free] Facebook Tab Creator Tool

If you market a brand and manage a Facebook page then you must have tried at least once to create a welcome tab for your visitors. You probably used one of the many tools out there to do so, like Pagemodo, Tabsite, Involver, Miproapps, etc., for example. Some of these are great but usually they’re not completely free and very few offer anything extraordinary. (Full list here: my Techcrunch post on the issue)
There are probably more services available than you actually have the time to try, because this niche is really one of the most desirable features Facebook offers – If you want to be visible to people who come by your page, you need a welcome tab. A good one.

Beside what’s on the list mentioned above, I’d like to recommend you add a new service that offers a bit more for free to your own list. Introducing Hookuapp- A great content creator tool for your Facebook page.

This service lets you create a page that gathers all of your social content in one place and that can be viewed directly from your page, with no need to go outside of it. You can bring all your tweets, blog posts, your entire Google+ stream, videos, photos, slideshows and much more here, place them under sub-tabs in your welcome tab, sort them as you like, change their color and name, and easily delete, add and reorganize your content. You can also choose the text direction (left or right) on your page, a feature I don’t nearly ever see in such apps.

Right now, I don’t think there’s a service that lets you do all of this for free and that looks really great with the flexibility to actually let you design your page the way you want it. The down side may be that it will take you some time to create the ultimate page (which can be really fun if you like these kind of design-oriented challenges), and the upper and lower self-promotion of the site, which I guess is pretty reasonable for a free app.

While creating a welcome tab for one of my pages (which can be viewed here) I stumbled upon some bugs, but overall the experience was good and the results were fairly nice.

One of the two things that I didn’t like much was the save/publish area. I think it’s confusing and could be done differently, outside of the content box where users can easily digest that they have to go through this process to publish the page’s changes. As for two: the fact that you can’t edit the name of the tab.

For more information, watch Hookuapp’s demo:

  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder