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Nov 03, 2012


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5 Free iPad Apps That Will Make You Drool

Apart from my love to Tech, I also love to cook and bake whenever I have free time. Let’s say I like to be creative with my food.

Combine my love to tech and my love to cooking, and you’ll get someone who actually understand what are the worthiest iPad Apps in the store today. It is not just the highly value content that those apps offers, but also the stunning design and interface of them all.

Starting with Martha Stewart’s Cookies App: I personally don’t have much time to watch Martha’s show so I’m glad I had the chance to learn some from the app, and what a delicious app this is! Tens of cookies, sorted as sets, with beautiful pictures to go with each recipe. A delightful journey into some of the greatest cookies that were baked in the show. And since this app is surprisingly free, it is truly a must download.

From Martha Stewart to a person which I think could be her potential replacement, the lovely: Brit + Co. Ever since Brit Morin started with this website, I’m a fan – I think the website offers a great deal of innovative content, using ingredients that people usually have at home, which makes everything looks so easy to create. I guess people can relate to these kind of things. I must admit though, I liked the first site design better, but the iPad app rocks! It is important to mention that this is not just a food app, but one that taking life & style to a whole different level. In any case, no way you’ll be board with this one - definitely worth a download.

I don’t know what about you but lately I’m trying to eat more healthier and organic food. A craziness that probably comes with the age.. Anyway, I’ve downloaded this very useful app called: Simply Organic HD to help me find some delicious organic recipes and I can honestly say this app doesn’t fail to impress me. I loved for it to be more visual, but in terms of content, Simply Organic is gold. (tons of recipes for vegetarians)

The Look & Cook app was a total surprise to me as it is about Meir Adoni, a great Israeli Chef. Now, it may or may not created by an Israeli designer team, but let me tell you that: this is one of the most beautiful apps I’ve seen in a while! But it is not just beautiful , it is also a very smart one. It allows users to switch to voice activated when creating a recipe to keep your iPad clean of all the mess. Don’t you just think it’s brilliant? Another awesome feature is embedded timers which allows to start the clock when needed. Add to this more than 700 photos & videos in HD format, and a playful navigation, and you get a cutting edge app that is a treat for people who really like to cook. The app is completely free, but there is a lite version which gives the amount of experience if you’d like to test it first. The full version costs $4.99 but boy it is worth it!

When I first tried Gojee as a web version I knew it was only a matter of time for it to arrive at the iPad. It is one of the services that it is highly recommended not to visit if you hungry. You can browse a massive list of recipes based on whatever you crave for. The delicious pictures are the main deal here, you can’t ignore them as they take the most part of the page – what a sight for the eyes! The only downer (maybe) is that you must log in order to do something..


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