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Jan 11, 2014


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It is getting harder and harder to find exciting apps in the App store, and moreover, to get user’s attention to try them. But finally I have some free time to write about the apps I’ve recently tried and actually found to be useful, fun, and creative.

Heyday is an automatic kind of app. You don’t really need to do anything, just check the app from time to time. I like to check at the end of the day, and see a summary places I’ve visited, and pictures I’ve taken, organized based on my day events. Heyday has the best collage tool I’ve seen, and this alone is very useful if you the kind of person that like to share photos.

Jelly launched only a few days ago, but I feel the addiction crawling already. Checking it several times a day, looking for interesting questions.. The content although, is not that great. It might be because people are still trying the service, or they just don’t get it. Either way I hope it will get better and won’t become an annoying app. On the UI side, I think this one has a great simple one, with super-easy functionality and originality.

So far both of my Jelly questions got good amounts of answers. It is not so surprising since every time I ask a question, I know my friends get a notification saying I need help. Well, as much as I hate notifications, this one is nothing but brilliant as it comes instead of sharing it on twitter or facebook.

Donna is also an automatic kind of app (we need more of these!) It connects to your calendar & contacts in order to organize your meetings better. There are some really cool features besides the simple UI, you can get a summary of the next day sent to your phone, and you can have Donna call your meeting partners in case you are late (based on the meeting location and the location you currently in) – overall, a surprisingly good app.

Peek is a discovery app that helps you find activity for your next travel (currently works in the U.S., London, and Paris). You can easily find what do to with the kids, where to go in under $50, and more. I love this application UI in particularly, although the Yellow seemed like too much at first. Just a beautiful experience overall.

HappySale is a marketplace for everyone by everyone to sell and buy anything they want, at the price they pleased. You can think of it as a garage sale in your pocket, as long is their something in your area. But of course the more people use it, the more the chances you’ll find something close to you. I personally really like this app idea and execution, very clean layout and all the process of selling/buying is fairly easy.

  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder