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Jun 09, 2012


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100 Invitations to test out Hopflow – Content Discovery App for the iPhone

Hopflow is an iPhone app that helps you discover news, content and whatever interests you on the web. Once you download the app, easily set up your reading list, and the app will learn you from there.When I first heard about HopFlow I didn’t give it much attention. I thought it is yet another RSS reader for the iPhone. One of too many to choose from. Then I’ve tried it once or twice, and it was just OK for me. But funny thing happened, it was its push notifications (one every day I think) that reminded me to come back and check the app until I actually start using it (normally, push notifications just annoys me). So it wasn’t love at first sight, but during the use I understood how much I needed

exactly such app .

Hopflow has one of the easiest mobile interface I saw and a very simple look & feel, but this is what makes it so appealing to use – it’s simplicity. Quickly browse stories and get a clear picture of what happens, or what you have missed. You can share stories by clicking on the ‘Like’ button, or use the ‘Rehop’ function to share on both Facebook & Twitter (you have to connect the services first in order to do so)The App also enables you to share statuses and photos with friends inside the Hopeflow community, but I found this feature to be less important since I really am looking for a place where the focus is on the news (in my case, tech news).

To get your invitation, download the app:

Inside the App, click the Hopflow logo, or ocean, and enter the invite code: “orli”, and hop-in using twitter or facebook.
  • Orli Yakuel

    Blog Founder